Dr Tatyana Chtanova

Dr Tatyana Chtanova heads the Innate and Tumour Immunology laboratory at the Garvan Institute and is a conjoint senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales.
After completing her undergraduate studies at UNSW, she was awarded her PhD in 2005 from UNSW for her thesis work on the identification of specific gene expression signatures for multiple T cell subsets including Tfh cells, performed at the Garvan Institute.
Following her PhD, Tatyana obtained a Human Frontier Science Program fellowship to train at University of California, Berkeley. There she gained expertise in in vivo two-photon microscopy and used it to characterise, for the first time, neutrophil dynamics in vivo, and to identify a novel mechanism of immune evasion by pathogens via CD8 T cells.
Dr Chtanova relocated to the Garvan Institute in May 2009 to establish her research laboratory within the Division of Immunology. Tatyana’s main research interest is immune cell migration in cancer and normal immune responses. Tatyana’s group utilises a range of innovative techniques to analyse cell migration including in vivo two-photon microscopy as well as photoconvertible transgenic mouse systems.

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